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Friday, April 28, 2017

Wood handle knife

Went with a plain old wood handle for a change of pace from stabilized hybrids, sometimes you need a change of pace.

Blade is 1084 steel with purple heart and Blood wood handle styled very loosely on a Puma White hunter from the 60's

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Home made Knives

My very first knife I purchased from a knife maker
in Fort McMurray Alberta back in 1979/80 is on the bottom. Blade is recycled leaf spring from an old truck with a hidden tang birds eye Maple handle, handle was stained with transmission fluid at one point during an roadside repair of an very old Ford power steering pump.
Since then about every five years i give it a fresh coat of Tru-oil and buff it up. Blade gets a coat of oil after use typically a vegetable oil or mineral oil and is stored in the sheath for over last 37 years.

Top knife as far as I can find was from a gentleman out of Winnipeg Manitoba and made back in the late 80's forged of a torsion bar. Mirror polish has held up very well and the butt ugly sheath was not original.
Pretty sure 99% that a friend of mine made the sheath out of scrap in the early 90's from something he bought at second hand store. Still have not found out who it was (forget his name) but we served together in the Military at CFB Comox up until 1994.