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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recurve Blade

Having a little fun with making a blade with no straight lines. going to have stainless steel pommel and bolster and hidden pin handle.

stuck at a point of deciding to go with a curved top swage or a straight one. Either way it will be sharpened, Curved with mirror polish would be rather interesting looking.


Overall length is 15" give or take a bit and made out of 01 steel 1/4" thick

Knife kept looking like it needed a curved swage just a little more freehand grinding and twice as much fun hand polishing.


Tried out a older camera, might be time to retire it. Everything is symmetrical and now onto the 400 and 600 grit to flatten out the bevels and prep for heat treating

Saturday, July 22, 2017

outdoorsman knife sets

Got to thinking it would be nice to have a matching set of knives for various outdoor activities like fishing, camping and hunting or trapping.

Slowly getting from idea to finished concept only finish work needed on the knives and then on to the sheaths.
Fillet knives will have Kydex sheaths with 550 cord for belt loops or tying to life vest the other knives will have leather sheaths with tooling or Kydex if the owner prefers.

Still working on the design for the small knife for the orange/black/wood hybrid handles.

Any combination can include a Ferro rod with matching handle. The rod will be mounted on the larger knifes sheath, smaller knife can have its own sheath or as the lower set the knife will be mounted on the larger knifes sheath.